Placeshot: Eddie’s Sweet Shop

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Placeshot
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This weekend I told you about an outer borough trek that was not worth the train ride. I decided it would be good karma to now write about a site that is definitely¬†worth the hour commute. Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Queens is almost 100 years old and has well preserved its early 20th Century character. With the original tiles, marble, woodwork, and wallpaper, the sweet shop has between 18 and 20 icecream flavors that are concocted in the store’s basement. The only person allowed to make the stuff is Eddie’s owner Vito Cintrano.

Also connected to an old blog post is the fact that like Don Hill’s, the movie Remember Me was filmed in Eddie’s. Check them out on Facebook until you can check them out in person. They’re open late too but be sure to study the bus schedule before you decide to satisfy your 11 pm sweet tooth.

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  1. srh304 says:

    I love Eddie’s Sweet Shop! It is like walking back in time. I’m a happy people in Manhattan make the trip to visit.

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