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Last night, NFL history was made when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. This blogger watched the game among a slew of NOLA fans in a Saints Blow Out Party at Social Bar in Midtown Manhattan.  Donning Saints shirts, eating home-made jambalaya along with yummy king cake, and sipping super-strong Hurricanes, the crowd was wild as they chanted “Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat!” with each Saints victory.  I must admit, I lost my cool when the game ended–as I wildly banged my bar stool against the floor and howled like a wild woman.

Now New Orleans fans, including myself, are on cloud nine with yesterday’s big win and Mardi Gras coming next week.  I’m glad I got to feel close to home last night as my team murdered Indianapolis.  If you’re reading this blog post, I’ll tell you what my dad told me last night: “You’re now a member of the Who Dat Nation.” Oh, and that’s me up there with the Brooklyn Pizzeria crowd…thanks for the shirts, mom.